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Class 0413 (Standard Layout)

Class 0413 (Standard Layout)

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1. EC Topre plate need to cut the housing by yourself and we are not recommend this option for beginners. If you are new to EC PCB, pick NIZ plate and it will provide everything you need for the build except keycaps.

2. South paw top frame can only match south paw bottom case. When you are purchasing extra top frame plz confirm your bottom case type.

3. EC PCB only support standard WK/WKL top frame. South paw is not available.

Keyboard info:

Keyboard Case: 6063 Alu

Weight & Badge: Brass

Size: 460.1*171.2*39.7mm(L*W*H)

Typing angle: 7 degrees

Weight: 4.6kg (case only)

Sale Way: Group Buy


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