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【IN-STOCK】Class80-R2 Keyboard kit

【IN-STOCK】Class80-R2 Keyboard kit

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Keyboard info

  • Color: Retro White/Retro Red/Retro Green Keyboard
  • size: 393.4mm* 189.5mm* 20mm(L*W*H)
  • Typing Angle :7" Weight: 3.3kg (Case and weight only, unbuilt)
  • Case material :6063 aluminum
  • Badge: Blank badge as standard with an additional random badge the same color as the case.
  • Buzzer and Solenoid
  • Mounting : Gasket(plateless supported) & Top mount
  • Weight: Stainless steel
  • PCB: Soldered(with 5mm Plateless foam)/Hot swap/Wired EC kit(with sliders, domes(48g), platestabs etc.)
  • 1.5mm plate: Standard POM/stainless steel ( EC only)
  • B-Stock Keyboard may have minimal flaws and scratches, which will not affect its functionality or overall performance.
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The Standard Kit List:

Alu Keyboard Case
Stainless steel weight
Alu Badge
Buzzer and Solenoid
Indicator Light
Foam Kit
Accessories Bag
Keyboard carrying case    

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