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Elevate Your Gaming Setup with MM-Retro Keycaps

Are you tired of boring and dull keycaps on your gaming keyboard? MM-Retro Keycaps offer a unique and stylish look to your gaming setup. With a retro-inspired design, these keycaps feature a bold color scheme that will make your keyboard stand out from the crowd. The high-quality materials used in manufacturing these keycaps ensure their durability, meaning you can enjoy using them for years to come.

Retro PBT Keycaps-MMkeyboard

Comfortable Typing Experience with MM-Retro Keycaps

Typing for extended periods can lead to discomfort and fatigue. With MM-Retro Keycaps, you can improve your typing experience and reduce the risk of discomfort. The ergonomic design of these keycaps provides a comfortable grip that reduces the strain on your fingers. You'll be able to type for longer periods without experiencing discomfort or pain, making MM-Retro Keycaps an excellent investment for anyone who spends a lot of time typing.

Retro PBT Keycaps-MMkeyboard

Customizable and Easy to Install MM-Retro Keycaps

Customizing your keyboard has never been easier with MM-Retro Keycaps. These keycaps are easy to install, and you can switch them out quickly and easily to suit your preferences. Whether you want to change the color scheme or switch out specific keys for easy access, MM-Retro Keycaps provide a customizable solution. With their high-quality design and easy installation, these keycaps are perfect for anyone who wants to personalize their keyboard.
Retro PBT Keycaps-MMkeyboard
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PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate)


High, resistant to wear and abrasion


Matte, rougher surface compared to ABS
Resistant to shine and yellowing over time
Typically 1.5mm to 1.8mm

Typically produces a deeper, more solid sound compared to ABS


Retro white

Legend Printing 

Dye-sublimation or laser etching


Cherry MX and similar switches

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How to Install MM-Reteo PBT keycaps?
Here's how to install keycaps on your keyboard:
1.Remove the existing keycaps: If you're replacing existing keycaps, you'll need to remove them first. You can use a keycap puller to do this, which is a small tool designed to help you remove keycaps without damaging your keyboard. Simply place the keycap puller over the keycap you want to remove, wiggle it gently from side to side, and then pull it off.

2.Place the new keycaps: Once you've removed the old keycaps, it's time to place the new ones. Simply align the keycap with the stem on your keyboard and press it down firmly until it clicks into place. Make sure the keycap is flush with the rest of the keyboard and doesn't wobble or feel loose.

3.Repeat for all keys: Continue this process for all the keys you want to replace. If you're installing new keycaps on an entire keyboard, you may find it helpful to work row by row or section by section to ensure that you don't miss any keys.

4.Test the keys: Once you've installed all the new keycaps, it's a good idea to test each key to make sure it's working properly. Type out a few sentences and make sure all the keys register and feel comfortable to type on.

That's it! With these simple steps, you can easily install new keycaps on your keyboard and give it a fresh new look.
Help! I've got a technical problem, who do I contact?
No worries. We've got excellent customer service, helping you with every turn or twist in the road. Our knowledgeable teamwill get you back on your ride, in no time at all. Email us on Timing (Monday - Saturday | 9am - 6pm,GMT+8).
How can I track my order?
You can track your order information on FedEx or DHL official page. Detailed tracking information will be emailed to you after shipment.

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